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Basic Rules Overview

1. Do not Kill on Sight
2. No mic spam, except when the round is starting, but no earrape.
3. No pedophilic remarks
4. No discriminatory phrases or slurs
5. No extreme threats or death threats
6. No doxing or leaking of personal information, including your own.
7. No cheating, hacking, exploiting, or bug abusing
8. No jokes about tragic events
9. No extreme disrespect towards staff
(Banter is fine, don’t go overboard)
10. No staff impersonation
11. No begging for roles
12. Don’t abuse the report system
13. No leaving to avoid punishments
14. No ban evasion
15. No lying to staff
16. No uncuffing at exit
17. No harassment or extreme toxicity
18. No sexual harassment

A more detailed rulebook can be found on our Discord