[UK] Crunch Crusade

Welcome to The Crunch Crusade! Keep it simple, that's the easiest way to explain this server. The Crunch Crusade is a place for everyone to have fun, socialise and build friendships. This server's aim is to be safe and enjoyable for all streamers and players! We also host custom events when the community wants them. Enjoy your stay!

<size=20><b>Crunch Community Discord! Press Here!<b></size=24>

<b>General Rules:<b>
1. Be respectful and kind to all members of the community.
- You have to respect all users, treat others in a kind manner.
2. Do not abuse anyone, if they request for you to stop, please do so.
- Do not harass, insult or abuse anyone, whether it's verbally or by action, is unkind and can be dealt with seriously.
3. No offensive language (racism, sexism, homophobia etc.).
- No words that are either against Twitch's TOS or that could be considered offensive if said.
4. Scamming and other malicious activities are not tolerated.
- This is any form of dark trading, harmful links or trying to commit any form of fraud.
5. Ear-rape and mic spam are not permitted.
- Soundboards are allowed to a certain degree, although spamming them is considered mic spam. Also, don't scream down your mic, it's considered ear rape.

English is the primary language so please speak English when on the server, small talk in other languages is allowed but when requested by staff to speak English please do so.

If you feel you are being abused or violated, then contact an admin or a moderator we'll be happy to help with your situation.

<b>SCP Secret Laboratory Rules:<b>
1. KOS is allowed.
2. No teamkilling, D-class on D-class is allowed.
3. Prolonging the round on purpose is not allowed.
4. MTF (including guards and scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPs, however, Chaos are allowed to team with SCPs.
5. Do not kill disarmed players, unless they disobey an order or their original faction spawns on the first wave.
6. Clients that give a competitive advantage or glitch exploiting are extremely prohibited. It will result in a 50-year ban and a report to Northwood.

By joining the server, you verify that you have read and agreed to our server rules.

If you choose to break these rules you'll be warned to stop or be kicked from the server. Breaking any of these rules may also result in a ban. But follow these few simple guidelines and be rest assured you'll have a great time!