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SCP: Secret Laboratory Server


English Speakers Only


SCP:Secret Laboratory Rules
Note that these rules are for everyone and do not make exceptions

1.The Facility Guards are not allowed to kos (kill on sight) Class Ds and should confront and arrest them and then rescue them out of the facility so they can become a MTF private. Facility Guards can terminate Class Ds whenever a Class-d resists to arrest and/or attempt to kill a guard.

2.Any swearing and disrespect will result in mute and warn

3.Using soundpad and soundboard in radio/spectator is prohibited and will result in mute and warn

4.When the server population is high, teaming is prohibited and will result in a ban and kick if seen.

5.MTFs and CIs should also attempt to arrest class-d s (as MTF) or Scientists (as CI) and kos rule also enforces them.

6.Using soundpad and sound effect in intercom is free and there is no problem.

7.Unlike Facility Guards , MTF and Chaos Insurgencies , Scientists and Class-Ds can Kos (Kill on sight) each other whenever they want without restrictions.

8.Teaming up with Scientists and Class D are alowed</color>


English speakers only