<align="center"><size=40><color=#9f1d35>[UK] Heisen<color=#7d3b47>berg's <color=#80555d>Hotel (Custom Surface)

<align="left"><size=15><color=#ffffff>Heisenberg's Hotel is an exciting and laidback community paired with active staff able to keep games enjoyable and fair. Our server is regularly played on by our friendly community who are constantly enjoying our interesting plugins that don't change gameplay drastically but keep the game fun and fresh. Veteran or new player, this place is where you wanna be!

Feel free to contribute money to our community, you do not have to donate at all but it is hugely appreciated as it helps keep the server up and growing. Your money will mainly go towards the server cost/upgrades and possibly plug-in development. Some of these Plug-ins could even add more perks to your tier! Click <color=#ff0000ff>here<color=#ffffff> to join our Patreon.

Feel free to create a ticket in our discord server if you have any inquirys.

<size=15>Click <color=#db3236>HERE<color=#ffffff> to join our Discord server.

<size=15><color=#ffffffff>1. Treat everyone with respect. Offences such as: harassment or racism will be taken seriously.
2. No self-promotion without permission from a staff member.
3. No KOS:
- MTF cannot KOS (Kill On Sight) D-Class unless they are not obeying orders or holding a firearm. Chaos cannot KOS scientists for the same reasons.
- Cuffed D-Class and Scientists cannot be killed unless they are disobeying orders, don't try work around this rule.
- If a D-Class is about to be cuffed by MTF, nearby scientists cannot KOS.
- If Chaos Insurgency spawn, D-Class may be killed if Guards/Scientist/MTF choose to.
4. Report a player if they are misbehaving.
5. No cross-teaming unless your class is allowed to:
- Chaos and SCPs can team.
6. Listen to staff, they are here to help.
7. Do not sabotage friendlies (e.g. SCP-079 deliberately shutting doors on fellow SCPs or killing them in tesla gates).
- Do not tell other classes where certain players it just isn't nice.
- Do not allow a dclass to escape as chaos if you are a guard and have the ability to cuff them.
8. Try not to spam soundboards, if another player asks you to stop.
9. Do not play Music over the intercom, this rule applys to soundboards as well.
10. Camping is allowed aslong as it doesn't lead to round delays (e.g Hiding in a room for a prolonged period of time).

<size=15><color=#ffffffff>SupplyDrop = Spawns in a supply drop every so often at NTF/Chaos spawn.
BetterDrops = Adds air drops to the game.
SCPstats = Tracks your in-game stats.
KillMessage = Shows a custom message to people you kill. Buy our Patreon to use this.
RespawnTimer = Displays how long till a spawn wave.
Hats = Buy the patreon to get custom hats including: butter, cola and more
WhoAreMyTeamMates = Displays your teamates at the start of each round.
MapEditorReborn = Allows custom map creation.
RainbowTags = Changes tag colours every 0.5 seconds, this can be obtained by being a patreon member.
CuffedTK = Damage you do to cuffed players will be inflicted upon yourself.
Scp008Reborn = Introduces the SCP-008 infection in the game and buffs zombies.
SpawnLights = The surface lights will change colour corresponding to the type of spawn wave.