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Server hosted in London <color="white">• United Kingdom</color>

Server Rules:

1. D Class is KOS able, including all other foundation staff. Unless they say surrender, they can't be KOS'd.
2. No killing of a disarmed personnel.
3. Respect all staff decisions.
4. No hate speech or actions against any race or the LGBTQ+ community.
5. No game breaking exploits, cheats or any hacks.
6. No harassment towards any players.
7. No camping an area.
8. Roleplaying is fine unless they hold up the round.
9. No sorts of Toxicity.
10. Micspamming and NSFW speaking in global chat is prohibited. <color="yellow">(Soundboards are fine as long they are not loud)
11. Use common sense.
12. Bullet hole art cant violate Rule 4. It cant be NSFW either.</color>

End of SCP Secret Laboratory Rules