Hello & Welcome to the AwesomeGamingCommunity Modded Server!
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These are our rules:
- Do NOT Teamkill! This can result in a ban! (Shooting a cuffed Player is considered teamkilling, unless they are not listening to the person that cuffed them.)
- Personal targeting one specific person is not allowed. If someone bothers you please report them, we will take care of it.
- Don't be a camper. Unless you are stuck because a SCP is in front of your door. (SCP's are not allowed to camp gates to prevent the spawn-wave entering the facility.)
- Don't be toxic. ( This rule is based on common sense. Don't be rude to anyone.)
- No advertising for other community's / yourself.
- Don't argue with Staff In-game. If there is something you want to talk about with Staff members, please create a ticket using
our discord server.
- Do not use your microphone to be disruptive. this includes using soundpads to play LOUD songs etcetera.
- Cross-teaming is allowed under the circumstance that it's beneficial for both people. For example: The SCP can choose if they would let the human live in order for them to open a door. Keep in mind as SCP you have a target counter, and you can only win when it reaches 0. So think before choosing to team.
- Helping rulebreakers is not allowed and could get you in trouble as well.
- Throwing the game on purpose, Closing doors on your teammates, shooting one bullet at your teammate to damage them is all considered griefing. Obviously this isn't allowed.
- Forcefully ending your own life as SCP by jumping through a tesla gate / off the rails into the abyss or by leaving and reconnecting is also considered griefing the game.
- No Meta gaming! ( Using information that you did not get from in-game. For example: Discord)
- Dutch & English are the only languages allowed on this server!
Have fun on the server and good luck!