SCP-Expanded Server Information:
Plugins Used CURRENTLY On This Server:
Anti Surface Camping (Damages Players If They Stay On The Surface Zone For Too Long)
Omega Warhead (Detonates the Surface Zone 360 Seconds after the Alpha Warhead is Detonated)
Remote Keycards(Lets You Use Keycards Without Holding Them)
Spectator Range(When one Dies Or Joins After The Round Has Started, You Will Be Transported To A Shooting Range Outside The Facility Until It Is Time To Spawn)
Elevator Lockdown (After a Random chance for a random amount of time, the elevator will be unusable)
UIU Rescue Squad (A plugin that adds a new class to the server named "UIU Rescue Squad". Their job is to help the NTF complete their task. They have a chance to spawn instead of a squad of NTF.)
RP Names(Gives each class Roleplay names when they spawn in, to give a better feel of roleplay)
Spectator List(This Plugin allows you to see who is currently Spectating you and watching your every move)
SCP 079 Rework(Just a LOT of new things for 079, link if you wanna learn more:
Better Doggie Rework(link for info: )
Doc Rework( )
Stalky 106(Gives 106 the ability to stalk random people by placing a portal at their feet! Link for more info: )

Discord Invite Link:


All rules Should Be Followed, with some exceptions.
1: No KOS (Chaos Insurgency is exempt from this rule)
2: No racism, homophobia, or any discriminatory measures (insta ban)
3: No teaming(although Chaos and D-Class may team with SCPS)
4: No Camping
5: No Drawing the game out.