Horths Basement
We hope you enjoy your time on our server :)


Our server uses exiled for its plugins if you would like to request a plugin to be added please do so by joining the discord

1. No hacking is allowed under any circumstances at all. if your caught hacking you will be banned from this server

2. Harassment, racism, and toxic behaviour will not be tolerated

3. Purposely camping will result in you being slain and banned if it becomes a recurring offence

4. No advertising is permitted unless given permission from server owner on our discord

5. Mic spamming is allowed however it should not be excessive and should not be annoying to others

6. Team killing is allowed but any extensive or targeted killing will result in you being banned

7 Events can be held at players request if an admin is present and the majority of people on the server agree. Please join the discord to view the full list of events vote on events and request plugins and events