Site 27 Role Play

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1. Respect Others: Treat everyone kindly and refrain from harassment, hate speech, or discrimination.

2. No NSFW Content: Ensure all discussions and content are appropriate for all ages, avoiding explicit language or images.

3. Respect Privacy: Refrain from sharing personal information without consent, including addresses or phone numbers.

4. No Trolling or Baiting: Avoid intentionally disrupting discussions, and follow moderators' instructions.

5. Follow Moderator Instructions: Listen to moderators and administrators, and use appropriate channels for content.

6. No Illegal Activities: Do not promote or engage in illegal activities or unethical behavior.

7. Keep Discussions Civil: Disagreements are acceptable, but maintain civility and avoid personal attacks or insults.

8. No Team Killing During RP: Refrain from team killing during roleplay scenarios; however, team killing is permissible in regular rounds.

9. Character Consistency: Maintain role immersion at all times.

10. SCP Item Handling: Limit acquisition to testing purposes; exemption for D-class and Chaos Insurgency.

11. FearRP: Adhere to FearRP principles throughout roleplay.

12. Sound Board Usage: Reserve sound board utilization for roleplay necessity and realism.

<b><color=#186E20> <size=15> Thanks for reading the rules and have fun!