Rules, join and message in #help if you have a question regarding them.

1. Be respectful to all others in any Anomaly Collective servers. Do not harass other players. Profanity is permitted.
2. Don't leave/commit suicide in the game just because you didn't get the role you wanted.
4. Do not disrespect the server staff team. If a staff member is abusing their powers, you have to go to someone who's a higher rank than them and submit a report.
5. Any threats against the server, ddosing or hacking related, will result in an instant ban.
6. Use of derogatory terms is strictly prohibited. This includes any racist, sexist, or otherwise derogatory slurs, names, or content that utilizes this to make fun of other groups of people.
7. Overly-toxic behavior that results in multiple reports will result in punishment.
8. Do not excessively close doors on teammates.
9. Do not team for an excessive amount of time.
10. Do not Mic-Spam or earrape.
11. Do not kill disarmed players unless they are uncooperative.