WARNING: This server is heavily modified, changing several game elements. For a full list of plugins and configurations, join the Discord listed below.

If you have a problem, join the Blake's Secret Lab Discord and ping a Moderator
Discord invite: Click Here: discord.gg/eWWWXAk

Latest Changelog
* Some small optimizations, most bugs should be fixed now.

Blake's Secret Lab Rules

1. Hacking will result in a perm ban followed by a global ban.
2. Teaming is only allowed between classes with similar win conditions (ex: Chaos and Class-D, Scientist and MTF)
3. It is encouraged to disarm Class-D's and Scientists when the option is made available but is not required.
4. Do not camp (spending prolonged time locked in a room). If you are camping, you will be spawned as a spectator. In cases where you are trapped in a room, an admin may open the door for you.
5. Toxicity will not be tolerated and will be punished severely. Toxicity includes, but is not limited to:
- Aggravating and insulting people in voice chat.
- Purposefully closing doors on people when running from SCPs in a group (will be considered teaming with the SCPs)
- Racial, Homophobic, or Sexist slurs used in chat (regardless of your gender, race, or ethnicity)
6. Roleplay is permitted, but if an admin says that you can't follow through your scenario, stop.
- Some rules, such as teaming, can be broken as long as it fits with the roleplay and it is approved by an admin. If you roleplay just for the purpose of teaming an admin can prevent you from doing so.

Additional Info
Join the Discord for a full list of plugins!

Note: If any Northwood Staff request Remote Admin access, I will be happy to oblige. However, their access may be removed at any time.
* Friendly Fire is disabled, but is temporarily enabled at the end of every round for a mini-FFA event.
* When SCP-049-2 attacks somebody, they will be infected with SCP-008. Dying while under the effects of SCP-008 will instantly turn you into SCP-049. You can only cure SCP-008 with a medkit (50% chance), or SCP-500 (100% chance).
* MTF (and Facility Guards) do not trigger Tesla Gates. Every other team does.
* 5 minutes into a round, SCP-106 unlocks the ability to teleport to a random target on a 3-minute cooldown.
* Interacting on a locked door as an SCP when you are trapped in a room will cause the door to open after 15 seconds.
* Up to 30 coins spawn randomly around LCZ. These coins can be upgraded in SCP-914 to receive better items. Fine setting yields mediocre or good items, while Very Fine has much better items at the expense of destroying your coin 75% of the time.
* At the end of every round, Friendly Fire is enabled. This is Disabled after the round restarts.
* Here is a list of all waves of reinforcements that may spawn:
1. Mobile Task Force A group of elite individuals loyal to the foundation. They gear up and fly towards the site as soon as the message arrives that a Containment Breach is in progress. Their goal is to secure the facility and escort any Personnel out.
2. Chaos Insurgency A paramilitary group that aims to utilize SCPs as weapons. They are responsible for the Containment Breach, creating disarray in the foundation to give them an opportunity to capture some SCP objects.
3. Serpent's Hand A small GOI that aims to make SCPs public information. After hearing about the containment breach, they decide to mobilize towards the site. They arrive late to the party but still make it in time to gain control of the site extract the SCPs out.
4. Unusual Incidents Unit A division within the FBI. After the containment breach started, they sent members to secure the perimeter. If MTF is unable to contain the situation, the UIU gears up and enters through Gate B.
5. SCP-049-2 Containment Breach As SCP-049 gathers more and more zombies, some of them congregate out of sight. Once enough Zombies have been collected, they emerge through the Entrance Zone looking for any Humans they encounter.

Special Thanks
* Huge thank you to Galaxy119 for developing the EXILED Plugin system, allowing for all of the server's plugins to work.
* Special thanks to the following people for creating the plugins this server uses: Arith, BuildBoy12, Connor Thompson, Cyanox62, DGvagabond, Galaxy119, JasKill, Jesús, Killers0992, Kognity, KoukoCocoa, RogerFK, Steven Webster, Terminator_97, and <link="https://github.com/kingsplayground">Thomasjosif