Blake's Secret Lab Rules

If you have a problem, join the Second Company Discord and ping a Moderator
Discord invite: Click Here

1. Hacking will result in a perm ban followed by a global ban.
2. Teaming is only allowed between classes with similar win conditions (ex: Chaos and Class-D, Scientist and MTF)
3. It is encouraged to disarm Class-D's and Scientists when the option is made available but is not required.
4. Do not camp (spending prolonged time locked in a room). If you are camping, you will be spawned as a spectator. In cases where you are trapped in a room, an admin may open the door for you.
5. Toxicity will not be tolerated and will be punished severely. Toxicity includes, but is not limited to:
- Aggravating and insulting people in voice chat.
- Purposefully closing doors on people when running from SCPs in a group (will be considered teaming with the SCPs)
- Racial, Homophobic, or Sexist slurs used in chat (regardless of your gender, race, or ethnicity)
6. Roleplay is permitted, but if an admin asks you to stop you must stop.
- Some rules, such as teaming, can be broken as long as it fits with the roleplay and it is approved by an admin. If you roleplay just for the purpose of teaming an admin can prevent you from doing so.

Additional Info
Join the Discord for a full list of plugins!

* Friendly Fire is disabled, but is temporarily enabled at the end of every round for a mini-FFA event.
* The Serpent's Hand is a new team that helps the SCPs to win the game. Because of this, Chaos Insurgency cannot win with the SCPs.