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Please read the following rules;

1. This server should be available for all ages. Porn or vulgar language is prohibited.

2. Do not shoot detained/cuffed D-Class/Scientists.

3. Please do not attempt to hold back rounds. This will anger many people.

4. Admin Abuse is prohibited, unless Northwood Staff or Owner says otherwise.

5. Please do not use swear words in an insulting manner. Joking insults are allowed, but please refrain from using heavy language.

6. Chaos Insurgency may team with Scientists, although MTF may not be teamed with. They may not team with SCPs.

7. Do not throw grenades in the elevator. We don't want anyone ending up like Jeremy.

8. Refrain from closing doors on teammates. You may close doors on teammates when you are being pursued by an enemy.

9. Do not judge one on their age. This server is for all ages!

10. Have a good time!

The Server is now fixed! Rounds will end after one team is standing, and the config is A-Ok!

SCP-049, SCP-049-2, and SCP-106 can talk using V. (Alternate Chat)
The NTF Captain has 150 HP. This is because he is the most trained NTF out of them all.
SCP-939-53 is the tankier version of 939. He/she deals 39 damage, but has 2900 HP!
SCP-939-89 is the swift and stronger version of 939. He/she deals 78 damage, but only has 2300 health.
All variants of 939 gain 30 health on kill.
SCP-173 loses 40 health on kill.
Class D Personnel have a 25% chance to spawn with a Janitor Keycard, a garunteed chance to spawn with a flashlight, a 5% chance to spawn with an O5, and a 20% chance to spawn with a Revolver. Admins and the Owner spawn with SCP-207, but we give this away or drop it. 100%, we give it away. Definetly.
Scientists spawn with they're normal layout, although they can spawn with a Major Scientist keycard instead of a scientist keycard (25%), adrenaline instead of a medkit (50%), or a FSP9 (30%). Admins/Owner can get SCP-268 as a scientist with a 100% chance. You can get every alternate item in your loadout.
Facility Guards have their normal items, though they have a 25% chance to get a Facility Manager Keycard, and a 50% to get adrenaline. Please do not camp at surface if you get said keycard. Admins/Owners spawn with a ball when a facility guard.

SCP-914 has some now suprises! Class changes are fixed, now! Feel free to use them as you need.

1. Class-D on coarse - Scientist.
2. Scientist on coarse - Class-D.
3. SCP-939-53/SCP-939-89 on coarse - Opposite variant.
4. SCP-049-2 on coarse - 50% for death, 50% to be turned into SCP-173.
5. SCP-106 on coarse - Chaos Insurgency Marauder.
6. Facility Guard on coarse - Scientist.
1. NTF Specialist on very fine - NTF Commander.
2. Class-D on very fine - SCP-939-53/SCP-939-89
3. SCP-049-2 on very fine - Class-D.
4. Scientist on very fine - SCP-939-53/SCP-939-89

1. Class-D on rough - 50% to regenerate health, 25% chance to die, 25% to become SCP-106.
2. Scientist on rough - 50% to regenerate health, 25% chance ot die, 25% to become SCP096.
3. SCP-096 on rough - NTF Sergeant.

Those are the class changes, moving on to item changes!

1. O5 Keycard on rough - MicroHID.
1. Flash grenade on very fine - SCP-207.
2. Coin on very fine - 33% chance to become a radio, 33% to become a flash grenade, 33% to become a containment engineer keycard.
3. Radio on very fine - 60% chance to become flash grenade, 40% to become coin.
4. Heavy armor on very fine - SCP-268.
5. Combat armor on very fine - 50% to become heavy armor.
6. Light armor on very fine - 33% to become heavy armor.
7. Flashlight on very fine - 80% to become Combat armor.
8. SCP-207 on very fine - 50% to become nothing, 25% to become SCP-268, 25% to become SCP-018.

Thank you for reading the changes!


The Canine Lord - This is the owner of the server. If you see anyone without the username CrackerToes using the badge, please contact the owner. The owner has full power over the server, so don't even try anything stupid. The owner will often give lower ranks permission to have events, admin abuse, and more. I love playing the game normally, so I often will. Owner: CrackerToes

O5 Council Member [TAG BUGGED] - These are the administrators of the server. They are to play normally, but may admin abuse during events or with permission. On fridays, admins may admin abuse all they'd like. Administrators: GeckoBMXRacer, PewPew334, Mikepasm.

MTF Commander - These are the moderators of the server. They can go in overwatch mode to spectate and moderate, just like anyone else, but they can play the game normally. Mods must have permission to do anything large, other than kicking or short term banning. Moderators: N/A

MTF Leuitenant - Leuitenants are the oversees of the server. They are rather newer moderators, so they will be online the most in order to rank up. Overseers must overwatch the match or be a tutorial. If they see someone breaking rules, they will give friendly reminders like all mods. Overseers have a strict no-abuse policy, and they can put people in spectator mode temporarily if they break the rules. Overseers are not to be joked around with, as they try the hardest out of them all. They may kick, but not ban. They must tell admins, mods, or the owner about the issue. Overseers: N/A

Speedster Peanut - This is someone who has won an event on the server, the peanut race. These winners can use admin chat to communicate to other event winners or admins, but they may not ghost with this. We can see your name when you use admin chat. SP: N/A

MTF Cadet - These are the moderators in training. They can play the game normally, though administrators will teach them the ways of moderation. MIT: N/A

SCP-343 - This is the owners alternate badge. They will use this on special occasions.

Sharp-Eyed Doggo - These are people who have the same permissions as the speedster peanut. They have won a round of hide and seek as the seeker. They may not ghost either. SED: N/A

Abuser - These are the abusers of the server. The owner usually gives this role to relatives or friends. They may abuse their powers, but only temporarily. Of course, my relatives can abuse this all they want. I have access to the IP ban list and the ID ban list, and I can remove people from there. Don't be an idiot and ban people, as I can remove the role and add YOU to the ban list. Nobody banned by abusers can stay banned.

Those are the roles! Thank you!

NOTICE: Events may occur during server time!

Contact the server owner at [email protected]
Thank you!