Welcome to Foundation-7's Site T-2!

Feel free to join our community on discord.

1. Respect your fellow personnel.

2. Do not ask for special roles, they are always picked at random.

3. Refrain from any form of harassment, discrimination, baiting, or other similar offensive behavior.

4. Do not cheat, hack, or exploit to gain an unfair advantage.

5. Soundboards and voice changers are allowed, but try to keep them to a minimum. Mic spamming is a punishable offense.

6. No ERP or sexual activities.

7. Refrain from discussing political or religious topics.

8. Do not Teamkill or KOS.

All plugins and schematics are provided by and moderated by Foundation 7 Personnel, and most moderation will be overseen by the Facility Managers, and Administrators of Foundation 7.