[AU] GangstaX Server 3

Discord Server: Click this or go to discord.gg/tsv8xKBruP

[1] Do not discriminate, harass, bully, or in any way attack another person.
[2] Do not prolong the match in any form. Teaming, camping and waiting for next spawn wave will get you killed, kicked or banned.
[3] Teaming is not allowed for classes that cannot win together.
[4] Cheating, hacking, exploiting or other forms of unfair advantages are strictly prohibited. This includes getting to places where players should not be. For example, on top of cameras.
[5] Soundboard use is only allowed proximity chat, intercom and the short time after a round ends. Feel free to spam in these areas. Excessive use may result in a warning or mute. Staff discretion applies.
[6] KOS is allowed. Staff discretion applies.
[7] Do not use bullet holes to create offensive, discriminatory or racist art / drawings.