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γ€ŠNr. 1 No Discrimination. (This includes Racism, Homophobia, Transphobia, etc...)》
There's a line between making a small joke and straight up discriminating someone, therefore if something obviously goes too far you will be punished for it.

γ€ŠNr. 2 No Teaming.》
There are exceptions to this rule, example being when a SCP decides to let a D-Class/Scientist escape, since they're trapped in a room.
<color=red>Due to 13.2 Chaos are no longer allowed to team with SCPs.

γ€ŠNr. 3 No NSFW.》
There shall be no discussion about NSFW (Not Safe For Work) aka 18+ topics. Since there are some minors on this server, therefore we ask that you do not talk about these topics, to uphold a safe and welcoming enviroment for everyone.

γ€ŠNr. 4 No Harassment towards other Members.》
As stated in Rule 1 making a joke is fine, but when it goes too far to the point the member feels offended or harassed punishments will be given.</color>

γ€ŠNr. 5 No advertisement.》
You may not advertise in the spectator chat, intercom or anything of the matter.

γ€ŠNr. 6 Soundboards are only allowed in proximity voice chat.》
You may use your soundboard in proximity chat, however it is forbidden in radio, intercom or spectator chat.

γ€ŠNr. 7 Team sabotage is prohibited.》
Sabotaging your team in any way (Examples being: Uncuffing a D-Class/Scientist right before escape, giving a D-Class/Scientist a gun just to shoot someone on your own team, closing doors on teammates) is not allowed and will be punished with either being forceclassed to spectator or getting banned.

γ€ŠNr. 8 Do not use any bugs for your own advantage.》
Exploiting bugs that give you a significant advantage is prohibited.
Bugs being something like Double Jump Glitch, Broken Hitboxes, etc..

γ€ŠNr.9 Cuff Killing is not allowed.》
<size=12>We're an English Server, therefore all members are required to speak english at all items.
Music is exempt from this rule.

<size=10><align=center>Any extra information that you need, please contact the discord or ask a member of staff.
Contact Email: [email protected]
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