<size=30>THE WOLF PACK

OWNER: PressPlaySweden#8562

CO-OWNER: db00rN#8943

CO-OWNER: Borgan#5446

<size=15>CLICK HERE

<size=12>1. Discrimination/overly vulgar insults will NOT be tolerated, this includes, but is not limited to, homophobia, sexism, racism and other words/phrases that could easily offend someone.</size=12>
<size=12>2. You need to be at least 13 years old to play on this server, note that joking about being underage can be taken seriously and will lead to unnecessary hassle for both you and staff.</size=12>
<size=12>3. Avoid being toxic. Getting mad/angry is fine, but don’t let it out on others and avoid starting unnecessary arguments. This includes both staff and members. </size=12>
<size=12>4. Do not play music/use soundboards in the global chats (SCP voice/spectator voice/end of round voice/intercom and radio). If your music or sounds are loud/annoying members or staff can ask you to stop playing locally too, so keep that in mind.</size=12>
<size=12>5. Avoid micspamming in all chats. Micspam includes blowing/screaming into your mic, being generally loud when speaking, or constantly making sounds into your mic, like eating or breathing. Also includes voice changers that make your voice difficult to recognize</size=12>
<size=12>6. Team sabotage is not allowed. This includes purposefully killing yourself as any SCP, trying to teamkill as SCP-079, closing doors on teammates as any class, or purposefully running at teammates to get SCPs to kill them (main concerns being SCP-096 and SCP-939, as well as uncuffing and then immediately killing people.</size=12>
<size=12>7. If you have any complaints about the server, either tell a staff member and be done with it, or join the discord and leave a suggestion.</size=12>
<size=12>8. Staff decisions are final and are not to be discussed on the server. If you have been punished for a rule break and you feel the decision was unfair, join the discord and contact the staff member that banned you or one of the owners to discuss the situation.</size=12>