The Organization 🌐

Our <color=#7289DA>Discord(Clickable) to contact us or join us.</color>

The Organization is a community server. It is a Mildly-Modded Server that continuously updates to fit the needs of our Organization. We strive to make sure the community is satisfied or exceptional.</b>

The Organization Rules

(All rules follow under <color=#D3D3D3>EULA and VSR.)</color>

No Cross-Teaming</align>

<color=#D1CBC1>Cross-Teaming is the action of supporting another team(faction) for both team's benefit. The Organization does not allow cross-teaming in any way except for deals or unfair. Jester's exception works here. [Please look at 'Jester's Exception Clause' for more information.]

No Microphone Spam

<align=left>Microphone Spam is using voice channels with unsolicited audio. This includes but not limited too; music, repeated words, and most voice modulators. We allow Mic-Spam in non-global voice channels.
[If caught Mic-Spamming, we will first let you know that Mic-Spamming is against server rules, we like to give chances as most reasons are accidents and shouldn't be punished.]

No Team-Sabotage

Team-Sabotage is the act of obstructing another player. Team-Sabotage includes but not limited too; trapping teammates in room deliberately, SCP-079 using Tesla on teammates, and anything that obstructs other players. Team-Sabotage rule is to stop tolling. Jester's exception works here.

No Abusing Privileges

Abusing Privileges is using advantages. This is directed towards the staff members to let all players know we are a fair community. Privileges will only be used in events or specified otherwise at the beginning of a round or on our <color=#7289DA>Discord.

If someone using abusing privileges, we do have a report channel in our Discord. Please provide a clip and we will handle the situation.</color>

Jester's Exception Clause

Jester's Exception is only tolerated for D-Class Personnel or for a joke. For whatever rule it is associated with, Jester's Exception (or Privilege) disregards the rule except for round-stalling.