TinyyTonyy's Pizzeria

Welcome! Have fun and don't forget to read the rules and join the discord here!

Server Rules

1. All facility guards/mtf must detain Class-D and escort them out of the facility.

If they pose a threat or disobey orders to surrender, then

you have every right to shoot the said Class-D.

2. No glitching/exploiting the game with its bugs.

3. No hacking - perma ban, duh?

4. No racial slurs or any language that isn't commonly used.

5. Harassment of any player will result in a kick/ban.

6. There is no limit to how long you wish to roleplay for, just make

sure you don't hold up the round.

7. Don't camp in a certain area for more than 3 minutes.

8. No mic spamming, keep soundboards down to a low minimum.