Doctor's Hell
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<b>Gameplay Mods
<size=10>These currently do not apply due to the recent release of 11.0!
- SCP-173 and SCP-049 gain AHP for snapping necks and reviving players!
- Both SCP-939 instances gain a small amount of health on kill
- SCP-049 can speak to humans in a similar manner to SCP-939
- Other small changes, mostly item tweaks.
- Power has a small chance to go out during a round.
- No more playable guards, but corpses with guard loot can still be found.
- Headshot damage while using suppressors on the COM15 and E11SR has been increased.
- We are running a custom SCP-939 rework.
- A full Micro-HID will violently explode if shot at.
<b>A more detailed list of changes can be found in the Discord server.


Rules and Guidelines

No toxicity. This means act mature, don't act like a child, don't be annoying, don't harass others.

If you are obviously below the age of thirteen, you will be asked to leave. If you do not comply, you will be temporarily banned.

If it's obvious that a Class-D or Scientist has surrendered, try to avoid killing them. While we never ban for this, it might land you with a warning from a staff member or other players.

Do not hold up the round. Staying in one place for an extended period of time just to do nothing, or constantly turning off the nuke are examples of this rule. Warrants a kick.

Do not team. A Class-D could bargain with an SCP for their life, but they cannot work together extensively to escape. No being passive, either. Can lead to a ban of up to a day. Chaos and SCPs may form a truce, but may not actively work together.

Do not micspam if you are in the spectator chat, SCP chat, or over the radios. Micspam is allowed during normal play if it is not too loud or annoying. Quiet music is allowed pregame.

Do not ghost. This means talking to living players if you are a spectator to give them information they would not otherwise know.

Don't cheat or use exploits. This can warrant a ban from the entire game.

Leaving during a staff sit is grounds for a permanent ban. If you leave unintentionally, you may appeal on the Discord server.