Welcome to NANO's SCP SL Server

If you have any enquires, questions, reports or ban appeals, here are our contacts
Email : [email protected]
Contact Form : https://forms.gle/wH5R5BmCNHdWti248

Please follow the rules below:
1) Absolutely no cheating/exploiting is allowed
2) No form of harassment will be tolerated
2a. Insulting other players and/or staff members are not allowed
2b. Purposeful annoyance of players and/or staff members is not allowed
3) No form of racism or anti-Semitism will be tolerated
4) Soundboards and voice changers are allowed however they must follow the following requirements
4a. No overly high pitched voice modulations are allowed
4b. No mic spamming allowed
4c. No overly distorted/overly loud audio files are allowed
4d. No NSFW audio allowed
5) Forming alliances with other factions is allowed as long as it doesn't hold up the game
6) No camping for an extended period of time (3mins or more)
7) Holding the game hostage is not permitted
8) SCPs/D-Class/Scientists are allowed to hide within the facility
9) Wall art is permitted with the following regulations
9a. No NSFW art permitted
9b. No racist or anti-Semitic phrases are to be permitted
10) Submitting a false report is not permitted

*Note: Kill on Sight (KOS) is not a bannable offense, it is permitted, please do not report this

By connecting to our server, you hereby declare that you have read, understood and agree to all the rules stated above.