Welcome to AE Network's Official SCP Server! We are a team of close friends who are passionate and multi-skilled in animation and other cool things! We hope you all enjoy this server as much as we love all of you! but you do need to follow some rules!
- No Racism or any other derogatory language!
- No aggression in this server, such as harassment, will not be tolerated.
- What staff say are final, If you do not follow their directions, there are consequences!
- DO NOT be complaining, being an annoyance or spreading your drama to us, we don't need it.
- Do not leak any personal info about anyone or yourself
- Do not threaten us or encourage raids against our servers!
- and Most importantly, NO HACKING/GLITCHING

Join our Discord Server to stay in touch w/ server updates/changes, staff support and talk to our community!