- The Wolf Pack -

- Community Server -

Contact The Owner on Discord: PressPlaySweden#8562
Contact The CO-Owner on Discord: db00rN#8943
Contact The CO-Owner on Discord: Borgan#5550

Join Our Discord: https://discord.com/34CPKWy
CLICK HERE to join our Discord Community Server!

- Server Rules -

1.We don't tolerate toxicity on this server, act friendly against everyone!
2.Advertising other servers is not allowed, this can lead to perma mute on our server!
3.Never be Racist or Homophobic, this can lead to a perma ban from our server!
4.Don't play music in Intercom or Spectator chat, can lead to perma mute on our server!
5.Don't close doors on people that are on your team over and over, can lead to a kick!
6.If you become a zombie, don't kill yourself using a Tesla Gates!
7.Remember that this is a game and have fun on the community!

- Who can team? -

1.D-Class: Chaos, Scientist.
2.Scientist: D-Class, Guards, MTF.
3.Guards: Scientist, MTF.
4.MTF: Scientist, Guards.
5.Chaos: D-Class, SCP, Serpents Hand.
6.Serpents Hand: SCP, Chaos.
7.SCP: Serpents Hand, Chaos.
8.UIU: Guards, MTF, Scientist.

- Exiled Server Plugins -

1.Admin Tools: Mostly Admin related commands for more power and fun.
2.Auto Restart Tool: Auto restarts the servers every round.
3.Better Disarming: Makes it possible for everyone to be cuffed and escape.
4.Better SCP-939: Some small improvments to make 939 stronger.
5.Better Sinkholes: Makes the sinkholes in the facility teleport to PD.
6.BloodLust 049: Makes 049 able to sprint at random times.
7.Chopper Drop: Makes a chopper drop items at MTF spawn.
8.Common_Utilities: Small improvments, only use auto nuke.
9.Creative Tool Box: Small improvments, only use for MTF Announcment.
10.Discord Interigation: Only for Discord related SCP Bots.
11.Gamemode Manager: Makes gamemodes easy to do.
12.Keep The Change: Makes coins spawn around the facility.
13.Lights 2.1: Makes lights turn off randomly.
14.Player Unstuck: Locked doors will open after 60 seconds.
15.Remote Keycard: No need to hold your keycard anymore.
16.Scanner: Cassie announces who is left alive on the server.
17.SCP 1162: 173 Chamber works like a gambling room.
18.SCP Escape: Cassie will announce how many SCPs escaped.
19.SCP Utils: Server Moderation tools to make it easier
20.Serpents Hand: New team that supports SCPs.
21.Spectator Tickets: You can see how many tickets each team has.
22.Stalky 106: SCP 106 Can stalk people and come under them.
23.Stay Shut: Some doors will lock after warhead starts.
24.Subclass: Diffrent classes for each role.
25.Tesla Gate Control: Keycards can stop teslas.
26.Timed Class D Doors: Class D doors open after 5 seconds.
27.Tranq Gun: Replaces the USP with a tranquilizer.
28.Ultimate AFK: Makes people replace if they are afk.

- Create Your Own Server -

Offical SCP:SL Discord: https://discord.gg/scpsl

Offical EXILED Discord: https://discord.gg/emK5aq

Offical ServerMod/Multiadmin Discord: https://discord.gg/ckPu2b