<size=40>THE WOLF PACK

OWNER: PressPlaySweden#8562

CO-OWNER: db00rN#8943

<size=30>CLICK HERE


<size=12>1. We don't tolerate toxicity on this server, always act friendly to both staff and other members.</size=12>
<size=12>2. Only server streamers are allowed to advertise on this server. Read below if you want to become one.</size=12>
<size=12>3. Never be racist, sexist or homophobic on this server, this also means any kind of racial slur.</size=12>
<size=12>4. Don't use soundboards, play music, or mic spam on the intercom, spectator, radio or scp chat.</size=12>
<size=12>5. No team sabotage is allowed, you need to have a reason to sabotage your team, like being chased etc.</size=12>
<size=12>6. Don't kill yourself as any SCP, this will cause your team to have a big disadvantage during the game.</size=12>
<size=12>7. As the server name says, only speak english on this server. This is a english community.</size=12>
<size=12>8. Remember that this is a SCP Server that can be balanced or unblanced, complaining won't fix anything.</size=12>
<size=12>9. You have to be over 13 years old to play on this server or any other server.</size=12>
<size=12>10. Don't abuse the report system and make false reports, this can instead get yourself banned or warned.</size=12>


1. Strength = Able to pry gates open.
2. Stamina = Able to sprint forever.
3. Armored = Starts with armor.
4. Insane = Take no damage from SCP 207.
5. Dodge = Able to dodge a % of all DMG.
6. Visor = Immune to being flashed.
7. Blast Padding = Immune to explosions.
8. Vampire = All DMG dealt will heal you.
9. Explosive = Will Explode on death.
10. Disguise = Can pretend to be another class. [.diguise - in console]
11. Guardian = Will heal allies around you.
12. Burning = Will DMG enemies around you.
13. Backup = Can call on a spawn wave.
14. Crawl = Can walk through any gate / door. [.vent - in console]
15. Blackout = Will cause lights to turn off. [.surge - in console]
16. Pretend = Can fake their own death. [.fake - in console]
17. Cloak = Can turn invisible. [.invis - in console]