- The Wolf Pack -

- Community Server -

Contact The Owner on Discord: PressPlaySweden#8562
Contact The CO-Owner on Discord: db00rN#8943
Contact The CO-Owner on Discord: Borgan#5550

Join Our Discord: https://discord.com/34CPKWy
CLICK HERE to join our Discord Community Server!

You can read about the classes on the Discord

- Server Rules -

1.Be nice to everyone including staff members!
2.No Toxic behavior against other players!
3.Do not be racist, homophobic or sexist!
4.Do not mic spam or play loud music in intercom or as a spectator.
5.Do not close doors in other players face.
6.Do not kill yourself as SCP, including Zombies.
7.Have Fun And Enjoy The Server!

- Who can team? -

1.D-Class: Chaos, Scientist.
2.Scientist: D-Class, Guards, MTF.
3.Guards: Scientist, MTF.
4.MTF: Scientist, Guards.
5.Chaos: D-Class, SCP.
6.Serpents Hand: SCP.
7.SCP: Serpents Hand, Chaos.

- Exiled Server Plugins -

1.Better Disarming: Disarmed chaos: MTF At Escape. Disarmed MTF: Chaos At Escape. ETC.
2.Better Sinkholes: Fall into pocket dimension if you walk into the giant sinkholes.
3.Buddy: Play on the same team as a friend every round.
4.Chopper Drop: 1200 Seconds = Supply drop at MTF Spawn.
5.Coin Block Doors: Use a coin on a door to make it shutdown for random amount of time.
6.Delayed Class D-Doors: Class D doors opens 5 seconds after round starts.
7.Lights 2.0: Random Generator fails makes the facility go dark.
8.Player Unstuck: You can't get stuck inside 914 or 106 containment. ETC.
9.SCP 1162: Inside 173 Containment you can drop items to gamble.
10.Serpents Hand: 50% To spawn instead of Chaos to help SCPs.
11.SCP035: The mask can be any item and corrupt the host and turn them into an SCP.
12.Stalky 106: You can stalk enemies as 106 and teleport to them with a cooldown.
13.Tesla Gate Control: Some cards can be used to walk through tesla gates.
14.Tranq Gun: USP is now a tranquilizer pistol and can stun enemies for 1 sec.
15.SCP 008: Zombies on hit, will have a 60% chance to infect enemies.
16.Better 939: The upgraded and faster version of the dog.
17.DocRework: The doctor can heal zombies and insta revive them.
18.SCPEscape: You will hear how many SCPs escaped at the start of the round.

- Create Your Own Server -

Offical SCP:SL Discord: https://discord.gg/scpsl

Offical EXILED Discord: https://discord.gg/emK5aq

Offical ServerMod/Multiadmin Discord: https://discord.gg/ckPu2b