Welcome to Soldiers SCP Foundation

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----Server Rules----
1. No cheating. Using cheat software will result in a permanent ban and report to studio staff.

2. Don't cause drama it's annoying for mods and everybody else.

3. Respect others. If asked to stop doing something annoying, please respect that. We all just want to have a good time.

4. Moderate mic spam. Follow the rule above, and keep it to a level where others can still hear.

5. Killing Cuffed classes is bannable! No matter if you are Chaos Insurgency, MTF etc..

6. KOS is not allowed for Facility Guards on D-Class

7. Staff reserves the right to punish actions which are deemed as harmful, upsetting, or annoying to other players.


We are Running:
-Admin Tools
-Common Utils
-Buddy (type .buddy (username) to become buddy with your friend! Resets every round.)
-SCP Swap (type .scpswap (scpnumber) to send a request to swap. Accept with .scpswap yes)
-Subclasses (You can spawn as: Janitor, Research Supervisor, MTF Medic and O5-Council.
-SCP-049 can talk to humans by pressing alt-chat (v)
-Remote Cards (You dont need to hold out a card to open a locked door. A keycard in your inventory is just fine.)

-SCP-914 can change classes and has custom item recipies!

Very Fine:
Chaos Insurgent -> MTF Lieutenant
Class-D -> Scientist

Scientist -> Class-D
MTF (Cadet, Lieutenant and Commander) -> Chaos Insurgent

Item Recipies:
Coin -> Janitor Keycard (60%)
Flashlight -> Janitor Keycard (50%)
Very Fine:
Flashbang -> Cola (80%)