Bunny Fields SCPSL Rules

1. Join our discord - discord.gg/RFSpMVux5t

2. Be nice with everyone here and if you have nothing good to say don't say it at all [Don't be racist and etc]

3. This is a Safespace for all !! [LGBTQIA+ and etc]

4. Don't talk about politics or any religion of any kind because it offends most people. [If anyone does just dm me and I will tell them to stop and if they don't stop it will result in a perma ban from the server]

5. Don't take things too far [Example: Talking about sexual stuff in front of a minor // What if the parents heard that through their mic and then you got them in trouble or they reported it and you were sent to jail for that.]

6. No ERP or Screaming in your mic

7. Soundboards are allowed but don't blare it :D

8. SCPs may not team up with anyone except for themselves

9. KOS is not allowed period !! [Report them to the Owner or Admins or Moderators and you must use a video]

10. If a D-Boy runs away from a NTF or Guard after telling them to wait up you may shoot them down.

11. No voice changers are allowed period !! [2 warnings then a 3 day ban]
Bunny Fields SCPSL Plugins

1. Extended Surface

2. Entrance Zone - Armoury [has Jailbird and other weapons/ammo]

3. BetterCoin Flips [Get a coin and flip it you will get a reward or die]

4. SCP-012 [Room & Containment] [Doesn't work but just for looks]

5. SCP-198 [Cup of Joe]

6. CustomRoles [SCPs, NtF, CI, and more]

7. CedMod Plugin [Owner, Admins, Moderators, and etc only]

More Plugins coming very soon !!