[AU] GangstaX Server 2

Discord Server: Click this or go to discord.gg/tsv8xKBruP

[1] Do not discriminate, harass, bully, or in any way attack another person.
[2] Do not prolong the match in any form. Teaming, camping and waiting for next spawn wave will get you killed, kicked or banned.
[3] Teaming is allowed. However: if it is used to prolong the round, you may be subject to the punishments in Rule 2.
[4] Cheating, hacking, exploiting or other forms of unfair advantages are strictly prohibited. This includes getting to places where players should not be. For example, on top of cameras.
[5] Soundboard use is only allowed proximity chat, intercom and the short time after a round ends. Feel free to spam in these areas. Excessive use may result in a warning or mute. Staff discretion applies.
[6] Friendly fire is enabled. TKing for no reason, revenge kills and the like are prohibited.
[7] KOS by anyone (except SCPs) to Class D or Scientists is strictly prohibited. Do not instantly kill Class Ds or Scientists the moment you see them. If they do not comply or have weapons, you can shoot them.

Notable Changes to Gameplay
- AFK timeout is 1 minute. You have will receive a 20 second warning before being moved to spectator. You will be kicked after being AFK for too many times.
- SCP-914 will accept dropped items or items in your inventory.
- SCP-106's Pocket Dimension has 3 escapes. Pick wisely.
- Serpent's Hand - A class that only helps SCPs, is installed.
- Friendly Fire is enabled when round ends. Feel free to kill anyone, without being punished.
- You do not have to hold your keycard when going through a door that needs it. It just has to be in your inventory.
- Statistics are collected if you choose to sign up. More information in Discord.
- You must also sign up if you wish to receive any in game roles such as Discord Server Member.
- You may speak to other players as an SCP using your alternate voice chat key. Default V
- A supply drop appears every ten minutes at surface.

Punished unfairly or want to complain?
- Make a ticket in the Discord server with your appeal or complaint.

Last updated: 23/7/2021