<align="center">Hopeless Idiots
The official Hopeless Idiots SCP SL Server!

We are a friendly server built for the people who wanna chill have a good and fun time.

Hopeless Idiots Discord: Click Here

- Remote Keycards, you don't need to hold your keycard to open a door!
- Wait and Chill Reborn, tutorial door parkour while waiting for round start.
- SCP-914 Class Changes, Class D can change to Scientists and vice versa as well as many others!
- Scanner, tells you how many of each class there are.
- End of Round Friendly Fire, feel free to friendly fire when the round ends!
- Chopper Drops, supplies will be delivered on the surface every 10 minutes!
- SCP-049-2 Infection, allows SCP-049-2 to infect others. If somebody dies from an infection, they instantly become SCP-049-2!
- Generator Malfunctions, leads to lights-out situations.
- SCP-106 Stalking, SCP-106 can sinkhole near to any targets!
- Better Sinkholes, Going into a sinkhole will teleport you to the pocket dimension.
- SCP Swaps, If there are multiple SCPs, they can swap with each other!
- Lone 079, When the PC is the last SCP, they will respawn as a different SCP somewhere in HCZ with 50-100% hp depending on their access tier when they die. This does not work when nuked!
- Unlimited Radio battery so you can crank that range all the way up to ultra range, constantly be able to talk to your team and have a great time. Makes NTF tasks a treat and well coordinated!
- Better Teslas, Tesla gates no longer trigger for NTF and Guards!
- Bullet resistant windows, windows now have 500hp!


- 1 No team sabotage or wrongful teaming, SCPs cannot team with D-class, Scientists, Guards, or NTF. No shutting doors on teammates to inconvenience them or make the game harder, especially in attempt to get them killed.

- 2 No KOS before the first spawn wave. No killing escape classes who are cuffed and cooperative.

- 3 No disrespecting the staff, hopeless idiots, or other members of the server. And do not persist on asking for staff perms/RA password and etc

- 4 Anyone violating the rules or causing unnecessary distress may be banned without reason having to be served.

- 5 Do not prioritise the death/misfortune of staff members or hopeless idiots due to their rank or role on the server.
- -5.1 Do not encourage people to do so as well, we are to be treated as normal players on this server.

Steiner's (owner) steam account (clickable): Steiner
Steiner's (owner) discord account: MGHM "Steiner"#6141

Electro's (developer) steam account (clickable): Electro
Electro's (developer) discord account: ElectroDrag#9269

The Hopeless Idiots Discord (clickable) (not to be used to talk about the SL server or report stuff and etc): Hopeless Idiots