Welcome to The Void! We have a few rules here to keep the server nice and friendly.

1] No teamkilling. Simple, right? Some people can't follow this rule, so know that if you break this rule, you will become an idiot.
Killing a cuffed d-boi/scientist counts as teamkilling, as they are cuffed and technically a part of your team. (You can kill them if they disobey/or are uncuffed, though)

2] No holding up the round.
Holding up the round is annoying for everyone, and you shouldn't do it. If there's staff online, they'll let you know if you're the last one.

3] Don't suicide as zombie.
SCP-049 will always hate it when you suicide as SCP-049-2. Once you're an SCP, you have to help the SCPs. It's just like respawning as Chaos or MTF, whichever team you spawn on is the team you work with.

4] Don't micspam/earrape over intercom, spectator chat, or SCP chat.
Proximity chat is okay, though.

5] No hacking/cheating.
Nobody likes a cheater.

And that's pretty much it.
Staff has the final say.

Owner - Ev_ring
Co-owner -

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