SCP: The Bean Labz

follow le rules of beans. (read all info for the max experiencz)

<size=25>rules o Bean:</size=25>
1. This is a casual fun server, be respectful
2. No earrape
3. (ONLY D CLASS CAN KOS<color=white>)
7. No Teamkilling (grenades kills dont count)
8. No threatenig to break rules
10. no alts
11. no saying insensitive things (kys other hurtful language)
<size=5>We do Jester's privilege (if its funny you may receive pardon)</size=5>
If it is not obvious, breaking these rules will result in bans. (for the toxic or annoying its instant permaban)

woah look at that Discord Link ------> <color=red>clik me :)

<size=25>Plugins and changes:</size=25>
Exiled crap
Spectator List
Custom Roles
Custom Items
Improved scps
custom 914
Scp chat extension (PRESS ALT)
scp Speed extension
Heal scp plugin (use .heal while holding items)
Late spawn (not really i just do it)
(broken plugins are not listed)

Coin -> Fine -> RNG Item
????? -> Coarse -> com45/shotgun
Radio -> Fine -> Cola
O5 -> Coarse -> Ball
O5 -> fine-> ??????
ScpCLass -> 1:1 - OtherScpClass
all keycards are balanced to instantly become captain cards or facility managers.
<color=#696880>Any human class -> 1:1 -> degrades role or switches it

MTF/chaos -> 1:1 -> Chaos/Mtf
<size=20>this is barely updated so have fun figuring out the mechanics.</size=50>

<size=25>Standard history lesson:</size=25>
Welcome to the cult of beans. You are a bean cult member who are escaping the basement, killing those who try, or doing some funny shenanigans. Do not worry you are under the watchful eye of overlord beans.

Before the server was founded, i was just a popular guy on a random server in the middle of nowhere, with my personality and humor alone i managed to be the life of the party, so as a joke i decided to get smug, i asked the server owner for a staff role to continue my funny with admin abuse i mean admin usage :) He decided to make a wager, if i made a cult following of 50 ppl following me he would do it, i did it in a week, he then denied me access to my winnings, so i left, the server died of inactivity soon after as i was legit the life support. I found another server, this time i made the same bet, and won, very easy, however in this server the owners were actual meanies and kicked me, their server also died cuz i was keeping it alive, i then decided to bring my homies together for a funny rebellion server, somehow my annoying self managed to get 180 ppl... Idk how i did this one, i founded this server like 2 months ago then somehow got 180 ppl in a month so like huh? Now i use my funny humor to run a server, but idk how to do that so instead i elected to just use democracy :) If you want admin abuse, vote on it and ill do it (idk why ppl like me doin this) if you vote on none ill be a good little bean, but noone voted against my shenanigans so nuh uh, anyways, besides blatant mostly fair and fun abuse of my power, i channel it into events that you can vote to have happen, which are interactive and offer unique bossfights ig, anyways in conclusion i legit made this server as a joke and somehow 180 ppl loved it so much that im here now... YAY Bean W Bean W