SCP: The Bean Labz

<size=12.5>Welcome to the Mr Beans Server, This is a casual non-forced roleplay server with a tyranical god. Do you like, goofs, laughs, fun, torture, pain, suffering, BEANS!? well this is the server for you. Most people who enjoy this server never go back! Join our discord server below and as usual its Beaning time or smth
WOAH look at that DISCORD Link ------> clik me :)

<size=35>rules o Beans:</size=35>

1. Use common sense! If you are thinking about saying/doing anything that you know is wrong, DONT do it.
2. Abusing Exploits and glitches is against ScpSL TOS.
3. Targetted Harrassment is not tolerated.
4. Slurs, hate speech, and threats are forbidden.
5. Micspamming such as ear rape is not allowed. We do allow soundboards but we urge you to listen to feedback.
6. No alt accounts, ban evading, scpsl ban evading, and account abuse is tolerated.
7. Cross teaming IS ALLOWED, with exceptions for ending the game. noone wants to wait for the last 2 players to just wait around and not do anything.
8. Kos Rules are strict and can be met with warnings kicks and bans. If you want to kill a D-Class consider these items. <size=8>
- Is the D-Class aiming or holding a firearm. (if so kill)
- Is the D-Class having a firearm in his inventory but not having it on hand or using it. (if so dont kill)
- Is the D-Class following lawful orders. (if not kill)
- Is the D-Class fleeing you. (if so kill)
- Is the D-Class evading cuffing (if so kill)
you may not uncuff a Dboy to kill them.</size=8>
9. You may be competitive but remember, there is a line for toxicity. If you are rude or hurtful outright and do not cease the behavior you could be punished!
<size=4.5>Among us, when the imposter is sus among us fr fr im a sneaky little imposter</size=4>

If it is not obvious, breaking these rules will result in bans. (for the annoying its permaban)
Appealing system for bans are at

<size=15>DISCLAIMER: This servers owner is known for admin abuse, BUT THATS OKAY! Many players outright beg the owner to abuse, as he does it in a way that's silly, goofy, or fun! He does his best to not only be tyranical but be fair to the gameplay. Some rounds may have voted events, where the owner switches the gameplay to something fun!</size=15>

Recent Popular events:
- The Prowler Event
- The Backrooms Event

More information in the discord server!!!!!!!!!!
This Server has hundreds of silly mods to play with however are not listed cuz they custom and are all named amongus


PLEASE NOTE Most Plugins are custom made by plugin devs. They are not distributed

- Beans Funny Pills
- Beans Drugs n Chlorine
- ScpSwap
- Admin stuff
- SUPER custom 914
- put a coin in on fine and gamble
- custom mechanics
- Custom facility
- Custom maps List
- Custom Surface
- Custom BeanFoundation Surface
- Custom "Prowler" Zones
- Custom Backrooms map
- Reworked Backrooms map
- ScpBuff (Buffs certain scps speeds, and other things)
- Custom Classes
- EXILED Custom Items
- EXILED Custom Roles
- i forgor


<size=25>Roleplayin for the nerds:</size=25>

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