------[[Welcome to Goliathus Games]]------
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<size=20>----[[Server Rules]]----

1. No cheating. (Game/Global Staff and Server Staff can use the admin console for a bit of fun, but NOT excessively)
2. Using an application in any way to ghost is not tolerated.
3. Gaining unauthorized access to admin privileges results in a Permaban and report to studio staff.
4. Using anything to wallhack, instantly kill, teleport, or any other such hacking will result in a Permaban and a report to studio staff.
5. Modifying core files/software results in a Permaban and report to studio staff.
6. Bullying, harassment, slurs, or any sort of intentional harm to another player and/or server hardware results in a Permaban. We do NOT tolerate such acts on our server.
7. Respect others. If asked to stop doing something annoying, please respect that. We all just want to have a good time.
8. Moderate mic spam. Follow the rule above, and keep it to a level where others can still hear.
9. If you play music or use a voice changer, keep it low enough so others can still hear one another as well as the game itself.
10. Staff reserves the right to punish actions that are deemed as harmful, upsetting, or annoying to other players.

----[[Server Plugins]]----
Better Sinkholes: When you walk on sinkholes you get teleported to the pocket dimension
BlinkFatigue: You blink faster the longer you stare at 173
Remote Keycard: Gives you the ability to open Doors, Generators, and Lockers without having to pull out your keycard!
Unlimited Radio: Radio does not lose charge
Lights: Lights will turn off 3 minutes into the round
SCP Swap: Gives you the ability to swap scp for one minute at the beginning of the round.[eg .scpswap 173]
Cuff Protection: Stops People who are handcuffed from being shot [eg. Handcuffed ClassD cannot be killed by scientist or NTF]
Stalky 106: Gives you the ability as 106 to teleport to a random player. There is a delay between stalks!
Better SCP 939: SCP-939 size has been reduced by 25%, it's faster than humans and will get slowed down after hurting someone. In return, its attack will be boosted based on the damage taken. The adrenaline bar will show how much angry it is.
Better 079: Just type .079 ? into the GAME console (~) when you are SCP-079 to show a list of abilities.
More to be added

Contact information:
Website - https://www.goliathus.org/
Email - [email protected]
Discord - https://discord.gg/KYBnmp8