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Server Rules

1. <indent=4%>NSFW or suggestive content (bullet patterns resembling NSFW imagery, excessively graphic voice content) is not allowed.</indent>
2. <indent=4%>Exploiting and promoting the exploitation of bugs, glitches, and hacks is a bannable offense.</indent>
3. <indent=4%>Harassment of any individual or groups of individuals (racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, etc) is not tolerated whatsoever. Do not attempt to bait slurs or derogatory comments from others.</indent>
4. <indent=4%>Micspam (music, repetitive sounds, earrape; soundboards) is not permitted in any chat except local chat, preround, and endgame chat.</indent>
5. <indent=4%>Do not discuss, promote, or joke about mass genocide or real-world tragedy (ex. Nazis, the Holocaust).</indent>
6. <indent=4%>Teaming between these classes beyond a one-time encounter: <color=#0096ff>MTF and CI, SCPs and MTF, SCPs and Scientists, or holding up the game by any means (camping, hiding, teaming, etc) is not allowed.</color></indent>
7. <indent=4%>Killing detained personnel (Scientist, Class-D) while they're being escorted is not permitted. This will result in a kick of the offender and a respawn of the dead player.</indent>

Moderators of the server always have the final say and can enforce anything else not listed here if they feel it endangers the moral and ethical code of the server.
If you believe you have been falsely punished, please contact us via Discord.


SCPSwap: Allows SCP players to swap their roles via .scpswap [number] in client console (default key: ~).
UltimateAFK: AFK Kicker; Replaces AFK players with spectators, keeping inventory and ammo.
Auto FF Toggle: Toggles Friendly Fire at the end of the round.
SCPUtils: Various QoL changes to gameplay; notable config additions include detained immunity and 096 trigger alert.
AdminTools: Additions to admin commands, such as player broadcast and various other fun commands.
RespawnTimer: Shows the tickets and respawn time of MTF & CI to all spectators. (Hide with '.timer')
SCPStats: Records players in game stats which can be viewed in our discord (Also adds hats)

Additional Contact Info

Owners (contact for server issues, abuse reports, etc): Sully#0637, TheCEOofFemboy#1322, BBROS#2277, ClayHouse#0852