[FIN/EU] Koekammio

ATTENTION: The main language of the server is English! Finnish is also permitted when you are speaking to others who understand it, but you MUST also speak English. Using Finnish as a cipher language is strctly prohibited.

SCP Secret Laboratory server with many game-affecting plugins that make your experience interesting and fun. Please read the server description from beginning to end.
click here to join the Discord: https://discord.gg/gjWz29Yx5H/
CedMod: https://uippaonkoekammio.cmod.app/

Server Rules:

1. Obey the staff. The staff may create temporary rules, and common sense is recommended.
2. Illegal threats and suicide threats are strictly prohibited.
3. Ear rape is not allowed.
4. Discrimination against other individuals or groups is strictly prohibited.
5. Do not give access to your account to others, as you are responsible for the actions of your account.
6. The staff has the right to organize various mini-games and intervene in the game; if you don't like what they are doing, contact the owners on our Discord.
7. Purposefully lagging/crashing the server is strictly prohibited.
8. All NSFW content is prohibited.
9. Illogical teamwork, such as team killing and continuously closing doors in front of others is prohibited, unless for a good reason or with the player's permission it is allowed, and milder actions, such as closing doors, can be done slightly. The staff has the right to decide , so use common sense.
10. Exploits, using third-party software, and exploiting bugs are strictly prohibited.
11. Purposefully prolonging the game is prohibited.
12. Self-promotion is allowed, as long as it occurs infrequently and does not involve a competing server.
13. The COM-15 is the best weapon in the game. You must accept this fact.

Server Plugins:

- Better Coinflips (Kolikkoa heittämällä saattaa tapahtua yhtä sun toista)
- Common Utilities (Roles may have different items when spawning, SCP-914 is more mysterious than ever, etc...)
- Custom Items (Grenade launchers, C4 explosives, EMP grenades, new weapons, new SCP items, and all sorts of other fun stuff, mind your surroundings, these look like normal weapons)
- UncomplicatedCustomRoles (Special roles you can spawn as, such as Research Supervisor, Technician, Alpha-1 "Red Right Hand" agent, various SCP variations, etc...)
- SCPChatExtension (While playing as an SCP, you can press the ALT key to switch between two chat modes. The chat modes are SCP chat and Proximity chat, where you can talk to other players around you.)
- MapEditorReborn (The map has been modified, for example, the Surface Zone has been revamped. A new zone has also been added (credits to Foxy Foxt for the base map), so if you see light on the surface, FOLLOW IT)
- AutoEvents (Mini-games are played often on the server, so if you like them, feel free to join!)
- Some miscellaneous features for staff (If you think they are abusing their powers, join our Discord by clicking discord.gg/S2shYmPyHJ and report them to the server owners by creating a "Report Staff" ticket)

Now with these out of the way, have a good time ;)