The Jukers

<align="center"><size=20>Server Location
<size=14>Virginia, United States

<align="center">Feel free to join us at our Discord to connect with our players and staff! You can also support us through our subscriptions there as well.

<align="center"><size=20>Reporting Players/Staff

To report rulebreakers, please report via the player list (accessible by pressing N) by clicking the caution button next to a player's name -- To report staff abuse, please join our Discord and send a message to rxtnshi or Ghostz!

<align="center"><size=15>THIS SERVER IS HEAVILY MODDED.

<align="center">A complete list of our plugins may be found in #server-plugins.

<align="left">General Gameplay Rules
1. Please use common sense.
2. Please respect all staff decisions. Complaints should be sent to any Jukers Parlour owner at our Discord.
3. Do not nonsensically camp or stall the game.
4. KOS (Kill-On-Sight) is allowed on our servers. This does not apply to detained personnel, unless they are not following orders.
5. Racism, homophobia, or transphobia will not be tolerated under any circumstance or context and will result in harsh punishment.
<margin=2em>5.1 Instigating or Slur-baiting (cutting off a slur before it is said) will be treated like a slur and will result in the above.</margin>
<margin=2em>5.2 Your username upon joining the server is subject to this rule and you will be promptly removed from the server.</margin>
<margin=2em>5.3 This also applies to toxicity and harassment, please treat others with respect. You're not a child.</margin>
6. Using third-party clients/cheats/mods to gain an unfair advantage over other players, disrupt server operations, abusing game-breaking bugs will result in a ban.
7. Mic-spamming will not be tolerated in any global chat (SCP-chat, Spectator/Dead chat, Intercom). You will be muted if you proceed to do so.
8. NSFW of all kinds will not be tolerated. Please keep conversations SFW as possible.
9. Do not intentionally grief your teammates. This includes but is not limited to nonsensically closing doors on your team when there is no threat nearby, teleporting players off a cliff/map, and blocking teammates with buildings.

[!]By joining our server, you agree that you have read our rules and be subject to reprimand in the case of a violation. [!]

<align="left">Need more information?
<size=14>Please join our Discord and message rxtnshi or Ghostz.