SCP Paradise


1. No harassment
2. Guards cannot KOS Class-D unless they have a gun, or there on surface. But Class-D (and chaos) can KOS MTF, and guards. Scp's can kos any human roles. (obviously)
3. Do not abuse exploits (also dont use hacks)
4. Don't be toxic
5. If FF gets enabled, do not teamkill
6. staff have the final say
7. Use common sense
8. No SCP suicide (I'm talking to you zombies)
9. Don't steal peoples items in 914
10. Don't bully people
11. Micspam is only allowed in proximity chat. (SCP-079 Cannot micspam with speakers)
12. Teaming is not allowed unless both teams benefit from it (Scp's and chaos can team any time)
13. No harsh profanity
14. No slurs
15. Listen to staff
16. Don't be a fucking bitch
17. Don't kill cuffed personnel. As a chaos don't kill cuffed scientists. And as MTF or guard, don't kill cuffed class-d

If you see someone breaking these rules, you may contact a online staff member, or the owner if necessary (owner email at the bottom)


Remote Key Card
Serpents Hand
Stalky 106
Admin Tools
Common Utilities
Doc Rework
Door Restart System
Left Handed Players (admin command)
Infinite Radio Battery
Lucky Pills
Respawn Timer
SCP Swap
Show Zombie Count
Spectator Shooting Range
UIU Rescue Squad
Wait Chill And Reborn
Scp Stats


Owner - Owner of the server
Staff manager - Highest rank of staff. Manages staff members from helper to head admin
Head admin - Rank below staff manager. Manages staff members from helper to admin
Admin - Server administrator
Jr admin - Lowest rank of admin. Jr server administrator
McDonalds manager - Highest rank of moderator
McDonalds worker - Second highest rank of moderator
Charlie - Oh Hi Guys I'm Charlie (Jr admin)
Moderator - Server moderator
Trial mod - A person on a (usually) 2 week long trial, to become a server moderator
Helper - This rank is self explanatory


Pizza guy - Special rank
Gamer++ - Special rank
gamer - Special rank
wanted - Special rank
sussy baka - Special rank
Revolution expert - Rank given to experts at "D-boy revolutions"
toast - Special rank


Owner: [email protected]


Enjoy you're stay at <color=#FFCC33>SCP Paradise</color>