<align="center"><size=250%><color="blue">Our Discord Server: Click Here!

<align>="center"><size=200%><color="red">THE <align="center"><size=200%><color="black">FOUNDATION

<align="center"><size=200%><color="red">Server Rules.

<align="center"><size=90%><color="yellow">1) <color="white">Teamkilling/Indirect TK/Disarmed TK
<align="center">All classes except D Class must follow this rule. D class on D class is allowed. A special rule to this is if a D class is with a Scientist or vis versa when their faction spawns. Killing a disarmed player is TK. Revenge Teamkill is okay on circumstances (i.e. the tk'er has killed a lot of people)
<align="center"><size=90%><color="yellow">2) <color="white">Prolonging rounds
Camping, or choosing to not escape. Not killing the last player.
<align="center"><size=90%><color="yellow">3) <color="white">Exploting/Hacking/Cheating
<align="center">Using discord vc to tell your friends/other players alive where people are/what scps are alive etc.
<size=90%><color="yellow">3) <color="white">Kill on Sight
<align="center">As an MTF/Guard do not KOS D class unless you see them armed. Seeing D class armed whilst in spectator is not the same as seeing the D class armed whilst alive. As such, New Life Rule is partially implemented into the server, whilst you are in spectator, any information you see shall not be used when you respawn.
<align="center"><size=90%><color="yellow">4) <color="white">Teaming
<align="center">D class and SCP's can team until Chaos first spawn wave. Chaos and SCP can team unless there are D class still alive. Scientists and SCP's can only team in light. MTF/Guard cannot team with SCP's.
<size=90%><color="yellow">5) <color="white">Team Sabotage
<align="center">Potshotting is when someone blindly fires rouge shots into a group of their teammates, and is considered as team sabotage. Committing suicide off spawn is counted as team sabotage if your SCP, MTF or chaos.
<size=90%><color="yellow">6) <color="white">Furthermore, revealing staff (server or global) at any point will also result in a server ban.