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<align="center"><size=200%><color="red">Server Rules.

<size=90%><color="yellow">1) <color="white">No teamkilling, however D-class on D-class is allowed.
<size=90%><color="yellow">2) <color="white"> Do not prolong the round on purpose.
<size=90%><color="yellow">3) <color="white"> Micspam is allowed only in proximity (human) chat.
- In addition to this, playing copyrighted music while streamers are online on our servers is not allowed at any point.
- Using the intercom without saying anything counts as micspam.
<size=90%><color="yellow">4) <color="white"> Indirect teamkilling (such as teaming or closing doors on fellow teammates) counts as teamkilling.
<size=90%><color="yellow">5) <color="white"> NTF (including Facility Guards and Scientists) are not allowed to team with SCPS. Chaos are not allowed to team with SCPs unless all D class are dead.
<size=90%><color="yellow">6) <color="white"> Modified clients and glitch exploiting is prohibited. Usage of these will result in an instant 50y ban from the server, and possible game ban.
- Furthermore, revealing staff (server or global) at any point will also result in a server ban.
- Ghosting also falls under this rule, and is classed as cheating.