Radeon SCP Server 2 Rules
1. No spamming of comments (this includes full caps), emojis, bot commands, copy-pasting, images, animated images, or videos.
2. Images, animated images, and videos belong in #media. However, you may post them outside of #media if they pertain to a conversation you're having.
3. No racial slurs, degrading content, or excessive swearing.
4. No offensive, inappropriate, unmentionable, or Unicode/zalgo names.
5. Don't insult/bash other members or have heated arguments with other members.
6. Don't mention users for no valid reason.
7. No deliberate trolling of other members (e.g. giving them misleading information or just being annoying in general).
8. No queueing of earrape, inappropriate videos, or videos that aren't legitimate songs (this includes meme/parody songs).
9. Don't impersonate other users, this includes bots. Doing so may result in a kick from the server.
10. This is an English-only server and as such English is to be used whenever possible. This includes music played through the Rythm bots. This is so our moderators can easily moderate the chat.
11. Don't argue with Staff about decisions made by them. If you have a complaint or think a Staff member abused their power in some way, please direct it to the DM of Higher Staff.
12. You must abide by the rules noted in Discord's Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.
13.You must NOT abuse the staff/admin/owner/moderator OR ELSE PERMANET BAN
14. You cannot ban or kick fellow staff

Contact us at:
Discord: https://discord.gg/E7VVxYX