SFW]Eagle 's Dreams[Singapore|SEA]


SFW is a gaming community that strives to provide fun and excitement for the community


- Events hosted when admins are online


SFW Discord :<color=#ff00ffff>Click

SFW website : Click
SFW steam Group : Click
SFW Mumble: mumble.sickfreakingweirdos.com:64738

1. No cheating / exploiting bugs (Double Jump) and ghosting.

2. Be respectful and be careful of mic spam (Etc. Soundboarding in spectator chat)

3. Racism, sexism and toxic behavior as a whole will not be tolerated in game and in voice chat

4. Happiness is most!

5. Do not kill cuffed personnel, unless you are, fulfilling your win criteria.
5.1. Cuffed personnel dying in crossfire is permitted.
5.2. Cuffed personnel not obeying their captors are permitted to be shot
5.3. Uncuffing unnecessarily and killing disarmed personnel is not permitted
5.4. Uncuffing at escape zone is not permitted regardless of consent of both parties

6. Committing suicide / disconnecting as an undesired role is prohibited

7. Don't advocate or promote infractions within the server

8. No delaying the game (Camping for more than +-3 minutes)

9. Teaming is allowed but no delaying

10. No spawncamping. You are to distance yourself from the spawnwave. (Etc. Noticing the spawnwave and preparing grenade/running towards it is not allowed)

Violation of multiple rules will lead to warnings then bans.
If you are unsure of any rules, you may clarify with any online admin
Appealing for mutes/bans are to be done in #scp-reporting in the SFW discord server

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Join the discord for more info on roles and events.

Contact the principal eagle_tim for more info. Will treat y'all nicely if you ask for more information.