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SFW is a gaming community that strives to provide fun and excitement for the community


- Events hosted when admins are online


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SFW Mumble: mumble.sickfreakingweirdos.com:64738

1. No cheating and ghosting.
2. Be respectful, be careful of mic spam. (i.e. Soundboards are only allowed in proximity chat)
3. Do not intentionally delay the game. (i.e. Camping on surface)
4. No Spawn-killing.
5. Do not kill any disarmed personnel, unless you are fulfilling your win criteria.
6. Targeted-killing/Random-killing will be punished.
7. Avoiding Autoban system will result in severe punishments.
8. Uncuffing unnecessarily and killing the person in Escape zone counts as killing a disarmed personnel.
9. No cuffing of Scientists as MTFs are allowed.
10. Do not commit suicide or disconnect if you spawn as an undesired SCP/Role. (Disconnecting when 049 is Reviving)
11. Role play is highly encouraged. (Please allow D Class to surrender if they want to)
12. No racism, or slurs are allowed.
13. Do not advertise without permission.
14. Any violations of the rules will be warned, and multiple infractions will lead to a ban.
15. If you are unsure of any rules, you may clarify it with any online admin.
16. To appeal for any server mutes or bans, please refer to #scp-reporting in Discord.

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Join the discord for more info on roles and events.

Contact eagle_tim for more info.

- Seeders
- Moderators
- Joining the clan