1. This should be a given but teamkilling can and will result in you getting banned unless its in the name of RP and has its reason for that or its your own friend. in any case just report any Team killings to a Admin or moderator.
2. mic spam is grounds for a server mute and if repeated will result in a ban.
3. Hacking on the server will just simply get you banned for life, simple and easy, just don't do it.
4. being a dick may not get you banned but it may end with you being trolled by the mods and admins annnd then banned if you are just a Twat of a person.
5. this go's under mic spam but its deserving of its own rule, DONT ABUSE THE LONG TIMER ON THE INTERCOM i made it that way so you can say what you want to say and go and for its own RP reasons. oh and when i want to play sweet sweet sexy jazz.
6. Don't cause a server crash if you have ways of doing so, all it will do is piss everyone off and if caught get you a lifetime ban.
7. just enjoy yourself, despite these rules me and the mod team are laid back and more then willing to mess around on the server for fun, just don't take the above posted rules to the extreme and you will be fine.
and heres our Discord if you want to join the fun