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Welcome to SCP Aftermath! We are a gaming community dedicated to creating unique, engaging, and most importantly fun experiences while staying true to the vanilla game.

We host frequent events and tournaments at! Our discord is a great place to chat & send memes with fellow community members, as well as staying updated on the most recent Aftermath announcements and updates.

Running a Secret Lab server is not free, and therefore we are extremely grateful for any donations we receive. Consider supporting our project for exclusive supporter perks; you can donate at We include perks such as custom ingame badges, rainbow tags, event hosting, exclusive content, custom discord role, and much more.

Vanilla Changes

• Autonuke: Autonuke is 25 minutes. After that, the nuke cannot be disabled.
• Intercom: Intercom has a 90 second cooldown. You can speak for 30 seconds.
• Auto AFK: Automatically replaces you with a spectator if you are AFK for 2 minutes.
• Friendly Fire: Friendly Fire is disabled.
• CedMod: A moderation plugin to help us handle reports & punish rule breakers.

<size=30>Server Rules

1. Use common sense; think before you act. Use respect at all times, even if you are frustrated.

2. Cheating, exploiting, and abusing bugs is not allowed.

3. Discrimination, racism, harassment, toxicity, and other offensive content is strictly prohibited.

4. Discussion of doing and/or performing illegal activities will result in a immediate suspension.

5. False reporting and staff/player impersonation is not allowed.

6. Music is allowed, but must be immediately stopped upon request from another player. Prolongated/excessive music on intercom, scp, radio, and spectator chat is not allowed. Micspam, loud sounds, and excessive soundboards are not allowed.

7. Advertising is not allowed ingame. You may advertise via #advertisements in our discord server.

8. Teaming is allowed, providing that is doesn't delay the round. Camping (staying in a location for a prolonged period of time) and purposely delaying the round to complete a personal/team objective (refusing to escape as d-class to get an insurgency win) is not allowed.

9. Team sabotage is not allowed. This includes killing compliant cuffed personnel (you will need to submit evidence of this for action to be taken) as well as uncuffing said personnel right before they escape. KOS is not punishable, however, it is not recommended as it can ruin the fun for others.

10. Staff have the final say. Please do not argue with staff members as their decision is final. If you feel you are unjustly punished, you may appeal on our discord server. Staff are not exempt from these rules; if you find a staff abusing or breaking one of the server rules, please report them as you would any other player (preferably with evidence).

<size=20>Contact Us
If you find someone violating our server rules, please report them using the default "N" keybind ingame, but we recommend reporting them via discord with evidence if we did not see the violation:

Aftermath Contact Email:
[email protected]

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