Justin's Crib
<align="center"><size=24>Please read the rules!

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General server Rules

1. No cheating, cheating can result in a global ban and ban your steam account from SCP: SL!
2. No malicious intent allowed, DDOSing is not allowed, also doxing users information!
3. It is all about fun, do not harass or be homophobic around others.
4. Please do not be inappropriate, do not draw innapropriate content on walls.
5. Do not team with SCP's if you are with the foundation (does not count for D Class)
6. Do not be obnoxious, Microphone spamming is not allowed on intercom, radio,
spectator chat and SCP Chat
7. Do not abuse in game bugs, it will result in a day ban!
8. Do not KOS!

<color=#00a326><size=25>Server info

This server uses CedMod, a moderation/utility plugin.

If you want to sync your role in our discord, or appeal a ban, you'll need to register an account with CedMod.
You can register your account here: https://justinscrib.cmod.app/