Welcome to the european Vikings Server. We hope you enjoy your staying.

In the following we will present you the rules of the Vikings Server which we hope you understand and follow.

1. No Discrimination or other ethical insults
2. Don't flame or insult (espacially new) players, not everybody is perfect
3. It is allowed to use a soundboard connected to your mic, as long as you don't overuse or bass boost it
4. The Language of the Server is primarly English. It's okay to talk in your native language, as long as you don't exclude other players
5. Friendly Fire is currently off. If Friendly Fire is on please watch your aim, accidents happen but random Team-kills will be punished
6. There are no obligations that D-Class has to work with Chaos. The Player himself can mostly decide how he wants to play in each round. The only Restrictions concerns Scientists and MTF. They have to work together and can't team up with the Chaos or SCPs
7. Any attempt of cheating or hacking will result in a permanent IP-bann (cheating is kinda sad bro)
8. Read rule 1. - 7. and follow them accordingly.

Thank you for reading!

Do you have any concerns/Feedback about the Server ? Please let us know!
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"Everyone has to start somewhere..." - Haruki Murakami