Welcome to Errors_Basement

https://discord.gg/7MDJG4EDKd(CLICK ME)

Our Rules:

This server uses, what is known as, Jester's privilege. Meaning all rules can be broken as long as it is comedic to both parties of the act.

1. Show Respect to everyone. NO bullying or personally attacking others

2. No slurs we understand some people are cool with it but we are required to punish it and if we don't the server can get taken down.

3. No mic Spamming in radio chat, Spectator chat, SCP chat, or intercom. (jesters rule applies but we will mute you if your annoying)

4. Do not throw the game by killing your teammates as SCP-079 or by killing yourself/leaving to avoid being an SCP. You will be respawned and have to play through and if you don't you will either have to sit out of the next round (made a permanent spectator for a round) or be kicked, when you kill yourself as SCP you ruin the game for everyone else.

5. Do not delay the round (it's different if you don't know but don't sit in a corner until MTF/Chaos spawn)

6. Kos of Dboys is not allowed, you must first attempt to cuff them, and if they try to run or have a visible weapon then you may use force to remove the threat. Scientists, Dboys, and chaos are allowed to KOS (for the lore) But MTF and facility guards have to follow that ROE.

7. No teaming except for the following exceptions

7a) Class-D and Scientist may cooperate with any team excluding SCPs to aid them in escaping. SCPs can show them mercy, but they cannot team. (The Class-D/Scientist cannot walk around pointing out where people are)

7b) Any human class may help an SCP out of a locked room, however, they should turn against each other or part ways once the door is opened. This doesn't mean that the SCP has to kill the person right when they are let out but it does mean that they can't team up if they find each other later (excluding Chaos)

8. Do not try to circumvent the rules. This list is not comprehensive. Use common sense. The staff has the right to enforce actions that are directly specific if it makes sense to do so for the betterment of people and the server. Listen to staff and do not argue with staff. If you think what they are doing is wrong, report them on the Discord server.

9. Once again all of the rules can be broken under the "Jester's Privilege" but, if you continuously ruin people's time you will be punished.

Please report all suspicious activity in the Discord posted above