Welcome to Duckland please do behave and enjoy your stay at this humble server o' mine

Discord: https://discord.gg/M7Ta6A5Tnq

rules! (listen to these yes?)

1: zero cheating tolerance cheat and i will smite you permanently

2: trolling is not allowed do not destroy cards or mess with 914 when it is in use do not close doors behind your fellow comrades disarmed personnel are not to be killed unless hes disobeying orders

3: creating alts to get around bans leads to perma bans

4: teaming is not allowed between scps and human factions(exception being if you are trapped with a human in a room)
4.1: chaos and mtf can only team up if scps are present

5: needless camping to stall is against rules (example: being the only person alive and locking yourself inside a door to stay alive)
5.1: spawn camping mtf or chaos spawn to eliminate them immediately is against the rules

6: no sexism racism and or hate against ones age gender nationality etc etc is against the rules and will lead to mutes and if continued removal from the server

7: this is an english only server so speak english so everyone understands what you are saying