Welcome to the SCPeople Community Server!
On this server we got rid of the stamina bar, the seed is very easy to navigate, everyone starts out with 999 ammo for every gun, and intercom time is 999 seconds with no cooldown time!

Camping allowed!
Mic spamming allowed!
Friendly fire turned off.
Do not steal other peoples belongings in 914.
Do not kill a Class-D as a guard unless they have a weapon, instead cuff them and escort them out.
Do not kill a Class-D as a scientist unless they have a gun.
Do not kill a Class-D as MTF unless they have a weapon, instead cuff them and escort them out.
If you are SCP 049-2, you can not kill yourself.


ScpSwap: ScpSwap is a plugin that lets you chose a different SCP at the start of the round! To use ScpSwap, open up the console using the ~ key on your keyboard, then type .scpswap and then the number of the SCP you want to be! If you receive a request from someone to be a different SCP, you can either accept with .scpswap yes or .scpswap no.

CommonUtilities: I mainly use it so 049 can talk to people. Hold the key you have binded with radio to speak to humans.

InfRadio: Radio has infinite battery.

CoinBlocksDoors 2.1.0: If you are holding a coin while interacting with a door, it locks the door.

ChopperDrop 2.3: Every 5 minutes, a helicopter with supplies lands on surface.

DocRework: Gives SCP-049 a well deserved buff.

Stalky106 V2.1.0.0: Gives SCP-106 a stalking feature.

SCP008X: Lets SCP-049-2 infect people with SCP-008. You can either take a medkit for a 50% chance of curing yourself, or a panacea for a 100% chance.

And tons more!

<color=blue>Discord Server Link: https://discord.gg/d3anb3c (Clickable)
If you have any complaints, please message me directly on discord through the group.<color=blue>