Discord link: https://discord.gg/YNh7PUK

Rules Below

1. Please don't be annoying (in all seriousness)
2. Don't earrape or play music on the intercom
3. No impersonating staff
4. Be respectful to all members and staff online
5. No teaming with rival teams aka Chaos and NTF, etc
6. No racial slurs
Chaos SCP's and D-class Can be A Team
Scientests Mtfs and Gaurds Can be A Team

2 Acceptions. 049 can team with anyone
Dbois And Nerds Can Also Team
Basic Server Rules Pt2
No Friendly Fire

No Racisim (Swearing Is OK)

SCPS if locked in a room can be let out by a mod after 90 seconds (unluss its in light that 60)

SCP 049-2 are not allowed to kill themselves

No Attempted TK (elevator grenades)