Welcome to The Crit-Zone roleplay server!

Please join our discord to stay up to date on activity: Click Here!

Here are some rules you will need to follow to ensure an immersive experience:

1: Class-D/Scientist KOS is not allowed, unless they are an immediate threat.
2. Do not break character as it ruins immersion for other players.
3. Do not grief or troll other people's roleplays.
4. Voice changers are allowed if it's part of a roleplay, and not
straight up mic spam.
5. Please respect other's and their RP's.
6. If you have a roleplay character, use it until death, do not
reuse the same character after respawning. We apply the NLR (New
life rule)
7. If someone else's roleplay ends up crossing paths with you, try
apply and adapt your roleplay to their scenario.
8. Do not steal/copy someone else's roleplay unless you get
permission from them.
9. Use common sense.

1: If you are new to Roleplay, feel free to practice here with anybody, just let them know you are new
and ask them for guidance.
2: You do not need to follow the instructions given to you as Class-D/Scientist/Guard.
3: You may use the same character you started with after each round restart.
4: Try to apply events in the game to your RP bit.
5: You are allowed to RP as characters from other games and movies.
6: You can make your RP character as unique as you like.

If you have any issues, you can contact me here: [email protected]