Laid Back Servers

Join the discord:

Server Rules:

1. No exploiting. Usage of third party software or glitches are not allowed, and will result in a ban.

2. Don’t ruin it for others. This includes griefing or teamkilling teammates purposefully. We’re all here to have fun, don’t ruin it.

3. Do not delay the round. If you are stuck, you must leave and rejoin if you are holding up the round.

4. No bigotry. Racist, sexist, homophobic, and similar slurs are not allowed on the server.

5. Use common sense. Obvious things that are not listed here but are unacceptable are not allowed on the server. This includes finding loopholes in the rules.

6. No extremely loud audios or annoying audios over VC.

7. Teaming is allowed, as long as it does not delay the round.

Have fun!