Bako's Outpost [EU-WEST]

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Server located in Roubaix, France

This server is partnered and powered by SHOCKBYTE, if you'd like to host your OWN server, visit <a href=""></a>, use code BAKO for 25% off.

[ 1 ] Treat everyone with respect and kindness.

[ 2 ] Use common sense when interacting with others on the server. Think before you speak, consider how your words might be received by others.

[ 3 ] No racism, homophobia, sexism, or offensive behavior allowed. Respect others. Offenders will be punished.

[ 4 ] Team sabotage is not allowed. e.g. Closing doors on teammates or burning your teammates items in SCP-914.

[ 4.1 ] Teaming with enemy factions is against the rules.

[ 5 ] Intentionally stalling/camping in an area for an extended period of time is prohibited.

[ 6 ] Mic Spam is not allowed. Soundboards and music are permitted, but please keep them at a reasonable volume and duration when not in proximity chat. Things like dog whistles are still not permitted in proximity chat.

[ 7 ] The use of cheats/exploits are not allowed, e.g. Using a 3rd party software that interferes with SCP:SL.

[ 8 ] Final authority lies with the moderation team.

[ 9 ] Impersonating server staff or Northwood officials is prohibited.

[ 10 ] Encouraging other players to break rules will result in YOU getting punished.

[ 11 ] English should be the only language spoken in the server. A foreign phrase here and there is permitted.

If you'd like to contact us, please join the Discord