Ember Servers SCP:SL Server Rules
-No racial slurs / offensive content, Any of such will be met with an immediate ban.
-Do not shoot any cuffed personnel, (this includes D-Class) disarming them just to shoot them later is considered breaking this rule.
-Do not be toxic towards other players, this includes things like; Excessive insults, Locking them in places, Just in general being toxic. This rule is moderated at staff discretion.
-Do not mic spam, you may play music / soundboard audio over local radio chat, but NOT over intercom, radio, or dead/spectator chat.
-Do not camp Pocket Dimension exit as 106, either by yourself OR with a portal.
-No teaming between MTF / Chaos or MTF / SCP (Scientist's are included in MTF)
-Have fun and in general don't be rude

More info on the discord; https://discord.gg/HK6nUjD