Shark Eater's

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- No KOSing a Detained Person
- No Uncuffing A player just to shoot them

Official Server Rules

1. To be able to play on this server you are required to be above the age of 13.
2. If you are delaying the round and people are complaining, your location will be revealed.
3. Mic Spamming is punishable in Spectator Channel, Intercom, Radio. Earrape isn't allowed.
4. Discrimination isn't allowed, for example slurs or straight up racism or homophobia.
5. Cheating and Exploits aren't allowed under any circumstance, both will lead In a ban.
6. Teaming is allowed till Entrance Zone, only D-class and Scientists can Team.
7. Kos with pink candy is allowed, doesn't matter if you are cuffed or not.
8. Targetting people for what they are isn't allowed, Moderator, Content Creator, LGBTQ+
9. This Server is based in europe, however we do still want to be understood. Please respectfully speak English.
10. Use your Common sense, If you don't have it then goodluck.

<align="center">Plugin List Available Here---> [Plugins] (CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE)

Server Contact's:
Contact Email: [email protected]
Reports and inquiries go to GetSofied and ReggieRevolver on discord

This Server Is A Member Of The Union!
Members of the Union are
Banana's Crew
Shark Eater's