Welcome To Lukey's Lockdown!
Feel Free to join the Discord: CLICK HERE To Join


1: Teaming - Teaming With SCPs Is only allowed Between Chaos and SCPs. D Class May Also team with the SCPs and others but only if it doesn't cause indirect Teamkill. Any other form of teaming is not permitted and can be a ban-able offence.

2: Stalling - Dont Hold up The Round. If you are the Last man Alive and delaying the round you will be warned.

3: Toxicity - We Dont Respect any toxicity on the server and will Ban anyone who says any form of racism or Homophobic Slurs

4: MicSpam - We dont Like Micspam at all and if someone mic spams in spectator or in Game they will be warned. The Same Goes for Playing Copyrighted Music Just dont do it as this server is Streamer Friendly

5: Language - Please when on The Server Speak English if you can as everyone of our game staff do as well.

6: Ban Evasion - Evading punishments will result in a permanent mute and or ban.

7: No Streamsniping (when Lukey or any streamer is on the server)

8: No killing cuffed D Class or scientists.

9: Please Dont close doors on Team mates.

10: Enjoy Yourself!